SDH and SONET networks have been widely deployed for almost 2 decades and much of the world’s voice infrastructure continues to rely on SDH and SONET technologies. Most CSPs are expected to operate SDH/SONET infrastructure until the end of this decade (2020) when the last TDM voice switches will be retired and when all enterprises will have migrated towards VOIP based PABX solutions.

Although the investment into SDH/SONET equipment has dramatically decreased, CSPs need to take adequate measures to continue operating those legacy networks. This has created a market for professional services that help CSPs at tactical and strategic level with managing the lifecycle of their SDH/SONET networks. However not all professional service suppliers have all the required expertise to deal with the different vendors and systems that are involved. This is particularly true for equipment vendors that might be challenged to provide such services for networks supplied by another vendor and competitor. Sometimes those professional services are a key stepping stone for additional business, including equipment business.

In addition some of the SDH/SONET equipment that is deployed has reached end of life and even end of repair. It means that CSPs take significant risk if they do not maintain adequate sparing levels. They can source spares from the grey market, but also decommission and uninstall selectively assets from their own network. However the latter is a complex process which requires careful analysis of the existing network and the services running over it. Large SDH/SONET networks can count several tens of thousands network elements and hundreds of thousands 2 Mb circuits. The analysis of such an infrastructure is not possible with manual or semi-manual processes. Often the professional service provider is not even able to provide a reliable quotation for the work to be performed.

NetworkMining helps professional service suppliers with the data-intensive aspects of their service. NetworkMining takes care of:

  • the data extraction from the various systems, including the network management systems of the involved SDH/SONET networks.
  • the processing of the data according to project specific logic (e.g. reliability improvement of certain critical network parts, identification of assets that can be easily decommissioned, …)
  • the presentation of the results in a project specific format that fits into the work flow of the professional service provider.
NetworkMining provides this capability in service mode and provides various licensing and payment schemes. Depending on the project, NetworkMining’s software can be installed on premise at the professional service provider (or end customer) or be hosted in a 3rd party datacenter.
The key benefits of NetworkMining's solution are:
  • Enablement of a professional service provider to capture SDH/SONET related service business. Specialized software is key to winning the contract.
  • Increased profitability because the low margin data processing tasks are performed in software.
  • Acceleration of the delivery, leading to improved customer satisfaction and stronger pull-through of follow-up projects.
  • Shorter breakeven for recurring projects thanks to SaaS-like licensing.