Delivery of enterprise Ethernet access

The market for enterprise Ethernet services is growing worldwide at double digit rates. It is expected to reach 62 bn USD by 2018 (Source: Ovum). Ethernet has become the service of choice for enterprise connectivity. A mix of access technologies is used by the service provider to deliver Ethernet, including SDH/SONET, MPLS and optical networks.  The majority of service providers offer access technology dependent service reliability, resilience and diversity. The design of a particular service needs therefore to take into account the capabilities of the access network that reaches a particular customer location. This is often a highly manual process that requires juggling between multiple systems from different vendors. In addition some information might be out-of-date because it has not been properly updated following a previous implementation.  In additional to the technical design team, the commercial team also needs access to technical information in order to execute the sales process. The lead times and pricing depends on the access network and the currently existing customer installation. Often pre-sales lacks accurate or easy-to-use information and cannot respond in efficient and timely manner to customer requests.

Finally, many service providers still rely on manually created network documentation (e.g. Visio diagrams) to capture the specifics of a customer installation. The maintenance of such documentation is cumbersome and error-prone. Mistakes and inaccuracies will have negative consequences on trouble-shooting and delivery of future upgrades.
NetworkMining’s software provides a common platform where Ethernet design and operations engineers, implementation project managers and pre-sales engineers can share and inspect information that is critical for their role in the Ethernet service delivery chain. This platform provides:
  • Visualization and documentation of each customer installation, including the Ethernet services, the underlying access network and the involved hardware. Both as-is and as-planned assets and connectivity are documented. The GUI is designed for maximum user-friendliness, even for the occasional user with no in-depth knowledge of the involved technologies. The documentation can be exported to Visio ® files.
  • Design and planning of upcoming installations, using service provider specific templates (for maximum productivity of the design and planning tasks). Those plans can be exported into a work order system for implementation.
  • Reconciliation with the network. Typically a reconciliation of the inventory of planned installations with the actual network will be performed every night. Newly discovered installations will be checked against the designs (according to the specific reconciliation rules of the service provider). Any installation that is non-compliant will be flagged in a dashboard.
  • Pro-active and on-demand diversity analysis of the installation. Multiple diversity profiles can be created (according to the product catalogue of the CSP). The diversity of each installation can be validated against the profile. A systematic analysis of all installations can be performed at a regular basis. Any violations of the profile will be flagged in a dashboard and /or distributed by email.

The key benefits of NetworkMining's software for the delivery of enterprise Ethernet access are:

  • Acceleration of revenues through acceleration of the pre-sales process.
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to an increased quality of the design.
  • Reduction in fall-outs because of automatic validation of the implementation.
  • Improved collaboration across teams thanks to a common self-serve environment used by operations, pre- and after-sales teams.