Network resource inventory database


Providers of IP & optical connectivity services, especially in the enterprise and wholesale markets, need a highly accurate network inventory. The connectivity solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of each customer and the underlying network resources are non-fungible.

Telecommunications inventory management systems are often unaffordable for those CSPs, especially the small- and medium-sized ones. Many of them remain without an inventory management system and end up with an unmanaged and cumbersome environment of spreadsheets, network schematics and homegrown databases. The lack of integration with the network leads to poor data quality and ultimately users cannot rely anymore on the data.

Some CSPs turn towards enterprise IT asset management solutions. Those solutions rapidly show their limits with respect to the specifics of a telecommunications network, such as the complex dependencies in a multi-layer telecommunications network.

NetworkMining provides a network resource inventory database for IP & optical connectivity services. It supports physical and logical network resources of IP, MPLS, Ethernet, WDM, OTN, SDH and passive fiber networks.  The database is automatically reconciled with the network, using NetworkMining’s data collection framework. The data can be manually or automatically enriched with NetworkMining’s engines. The database provides a standards based, multi-layer and multi-vendor abstraction of the network.
The database can be integrated with 3rd party fulfillment and assurance applications through NetworkMining’s APIs. The database can also function as part of a broader network resource inventory system, off-loading the latter from the discovery and reconciliation of certain network technologies. 
The database can also be integrated with NetworkMining’s visualization solution to offer a first class user experience. This also enables light-weight integration with other web based tools that the CSP uses for customer relationship management or network monitoring.
The database can be managed by open source/free tools from MySQL/Oracle. NetworkMining also supplies its own query tool that enables some additional features, such as threshold crossing alert management and email distribution of query results.
The database is based on MySQL technology and can be deployed on Windows and Linux servers.

The key benefits of NetworkMining's network resource inventory database are:

  • Process agnostic network resource inventory that can be integrated into an existing OSS. It protects past investment into processes and systems.
  • First class mediation layer that ensures a highly accurate and detailed network resource inventory. It is the foundation of any inventory management system and should not be compromised upon.

NetworkMining offers therefore a cost effective alternative to the inventory management systems of integrated OSS suites.