Visualization for legacy inventory management systems


Many CSPs have 10+ years old inventory management systems, or custom built by the CSP or purchased from a commercial supplier. Users of such systems often face the following problems:

  • The system does not evolve anymore. Reporting and data visualization capabilities are poor or non existant. It hampers key processes such as trouble shooting of complex network faults. The business case for a replacement is however negative. This is typically the case for custom built systems of a certain age.
  • System evolution and customizations are very expensive. This is often the case for commercial systems that are sold as frameworks through indirect channels, such as system integrators.
  • The user training is too expensive or too difficult, especially in organizations with high job rotations. Key users might have left the organisation and their knowledge in not available anymore. The productivity of new or sporadic users of the system is low.
NetworkMining’s software enables visualization and analysis of the data contained in a legacy inventory. The visualization offers:
  • Interactive SVG network diagrams and schematics for network documentation
  • Generation of Visio ® schematics directly from the inventory data
  • Powerful search GUI for analyzing the inventory, including export to Excel ®
  • Building of network partitions to fit the needs of individual user groups
  • Analysis and representation of enterprise and wholesale customer networks
  • Dashboards on capacity and asset utilization
  • Historical trends analysis
NetworkMining’s software is integrated with the legacy system, either via its API (if available) or directly with its database. The solution uses a webserver architecture and exploits latest, HTML5 compliant, browser technology. It allows integration with portals and other web based OSS clients. 

The key benefits of NetworkMining's visualization software are:

  • Extension of the lifetime of the legacy system 
  • Reduction in cost of analytics and visualization of the legacy inventory
  • Higher productivity of the users of the legacy inventory

The implementation of NetworkMining's software is a stop-gap solution that buys 5 and more years for the replacement of the legacy system.