Network resource inventory database

Providers of enterprise connectivity services need a highly accurate network resource inventory. Integrated OSS suites are unaffordable for them, and too complex to implement. They need a different kind of solution.

Visualization for legacy inventory management systems

Legacy inventory management systems are nearing end of life. The business case for a replacement is often negative. Good reporting, analytics and data visualization can however extend the lifetime by several years. This can take away significant pressure for replacement of the legacy system.

Delivery of enterprise Ethernet access

Enterprise Ethernet services involve a complex mix of access network technologies and SLAs. This complexity also slows down the fulfillment process, from pre-sales to service delivery. Enterprise service providers need an integrated solution that supports the needs of their network and sales teams.

Planned maintenance of fiber networks

Planned interruptions of fiber networks are common in all networks. Many providers struggle with rapidly assessing the exact impact of such events on their services and customers. The lack of an integrated and accurate view on their IP and optical network is often the root cause of the problem.


The delivery of services over a converged IP and optical network creates challenges for accounting and controlling. The allocation of network costs to the various services needs much better insight into the actual network and cannot rely anymore on silo-based allocation methods.