Use cases

Discovery & mediation

OSS rely on accurate and timely network data. Whether you are with an OSS vendor, a systems integrator or the IT group of a CSP, we can help you with multi-vendor discovery of IP and optical networks. Our vendor-neutral API will ensure smooth and future-proof integration.

Inventory & reconciliation

Most CSPs seek to increase automation of their network operations and service delivery. An accurate inventory is key to such initiatives. We can help you with a pre-integrated inventory solution for IP and optical networks and services. Especially if you struggle with the combination of active and passive assets in the same system.

Impact simulation

Optical fiber gets deeper and deeper into today’s communication networks, at CSPs and utilities alike. The amount and diversity of services carried over each fiber keeps increasing year by year. Our simulation software helps you understanding and mitigating the impact of fiber outages on your multi-layer and multi-service network.